InsuranceFirst Services




About InsuranceFirst Services
InsuranceFirst Services was founded in April of 2008 to serve as an independently-owned insurance broker and advocate to the regional business community. 


InsuranceFirst Services was founded on the premise that clients are often best served by a modestly-sized, efficient and resourceful brokerage.  While larger brokerages may offer the appearance of strength through size, the reality is that smaller, resourceful brokerages can match their market access – while providing a highly responsive level of personalized service.


Our true core competency and passion lies with client relationships and the development of insurance programs to meet their present and future needs/objectives.



Why Choose an Independent Broker?


With more than 25,000 insurance agencies/brokerages operating in the United States, you have many choices as to how your insurance needs are met and with whom you will place your trust.


Your choices include dealing directly with the insurance company, dealing with an agent that only represents one company or dealing with an independent broker that represents you to many companies throughout the insurance marketplace.


An independent broker’s primary obligation is to the client – not the insurance company.  By the nature of their existence, independent brokers place the client’s interest first when negotiating coverage terms, assisting with claims and providing risk management advice.


Why Choose InsuranceFirst Services?

InsuranceFirst Services offers its clients the marketplace access of a large brokerage while providing a high level of personalized service.  Client retention is the measure of our success and the foundation of our future growth.


We readily recognize that our success is best built on an accumulation of long-term loyal clients rather than a larger number of new clients that only stay with us for a short while.


InsuranceFirst Services can provide coverage proposals for nearly every type of industry and for nearly every type of risk exposure.  In the event that we are not able to provide a proper solution, we pride ourselves on being candid and providing contact with a more appropriate resource.


Client service can often be measured by how the most common tasks are completed.  This is how we approach the five most common tasks:

  • Telephone calls are returned promptly (usually within an hour)
  • Certificates of Insurance are issued within 24 hours
  • Our office is highly automated for responsive, efficient service
  • Marketing strategies are reviewed with the client 90 days prior to renewal
  • Renewal proposals are presented at the earliest date possible