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Choosing an Insurance Agent or Broker ?


You have two choices: exclusive agents, known as direct writers, and independent agents like InsuranceFirst Services. A direct writer sells policies for the insurance company it exclusively represents, where as an independent agent represents many insurance companies.

But how do you know which type to select? Answer the following questions to help you decide:

How are you treated when you call the agency? Are its employees courteous and responsive? Does the agency quickly answer your requests for information?


What steps does the agency take to deliver insurance quotes quickly? What does the agency do to help ensure efficient claim handling?


Is the agency new to the scene? How experienced are the representatives who will handle your account? How long have they been at that agency? Has the agency representative ever worked with companies like yours? Is the agency representative familiar with your exposures and unique insurance needs?


Which insurance companies does the agency represent? What are the financial ratings of these companies?


Does the agency protect itself from errors and omissions with liability coverage? Who is its insurance carrier?


Is the agency willing to provide references?


Does the agency specialize in your industry? Does its representative understand your business and its unique requirements?


Why Choose InsuranceFirst Services?

InsuranceFirst Services offers its clients the marketplace access of a large brokerage while providing a high level of personalized service.  Client retention is the measure of our success and the foundation of our future growth.


We readily recognize that our success is best built on an accumulation of long-term loyal clients rather than a larger number of new clients that only stay with us for a short while.


InsuranceFirst Services can provide coverage proposals for nearly every type of industry and for nearly every type of risk exposure.  In the event that we are not able to provide a proper solution, we pride ourselves on being candid and providing contact with a more appropriate resource.


Client service can often be measured by how the most common tasks are completed.  This is how we approach the five most common tasks:

  • Telephone calls are returned promptly (usually within an hour)
  • Certificates of Insurance are issued within 24 hours
  • Our office is highly automated for responsive, efficient service
  • Marketing strategies are reviewed with the client 90 days prior to renewal
  • Renewal proposals are presented at the earliest date possible